In a journey, there are always decisions to make. At the begining of this I made the decision to make a turnover of my life. As a analist of information in the company I am used to understand the processes that are neeeded to makeing decisions. I was 26 in that moment and making sumary of the years that had passed by I recognized that my promotion was turning 10 years since we graduated. 10 years and I had just graduated from engineering school and was half way from masters degree, I havent been to europe, I havent learned to cook, I havent lived alone, I am not fullfilled with what I am at the moment. Since highschool I was part of the that little group that knew they where they wanted to be at 30, I wanted had accomplish not just “laureas” as italians say but experiences. And by 26 I havent accomplished like 70 percent of the things I had wanted to do.

That is the trigger that made time for decisions, the need to get that indicator o 100% guided me take the risk to expose my stability and throw my comfort zone and apply for my next adventure, I believe the worst that can happen to me is to take the decision to stop dreaming.

Never take that decision, always look ahead.

hope to had taken the best decision or make another turnover


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